Shadow Guide

I guide you home to the divine intelligence of your soul. I help you navigate feelings of overwhelm, lack of clarity and self doubt so that you are left feeling confident, clear and ready to take the next action step in your life.


The Shadow

The shadow is simply the aspects of ourselves that we are unaware of. These are the parts that are deeply hidden within the subconscious mind. The issue is that we are afraid to see what has been imprinted. We think that everything that appears dark is bad. This is not the case. Many aspects that we have suppressed are our authentic selves that have been rejected and disowned for many different reasons throughout our lives. The key is to uncover them and bring them to our consciousness awareness.  



“Anna's shadow work sessions are a TRULY transformational work of art. Anna is a genius, a natural, at what she does. She has this way about her that you cannot fully understand until you work with her in session. Don't wait to explore Shadow Work with Anna!”

- Emily Greene


“Anna is a true Guider. I can't believe the magic and clarity that was so clear and quick for me while she held space and guided me.”

- Samantha Klein